Thursday, November 19, 2009

His Darling Nurse - Day 3

I'm back from London - very tired and with a blister on my heel from walking. I'll be drawing a name later for the first of the giveaways so leave a comment to be in with a chance of a prize!
A few people have asked where I got the idea for the barbecue scene in the first excerpt. For that I have to thank my neighbour, Chris. Chris loves to barbecue and a few years ago when he first got the bug he had his barbecue too close to my other neighbour, Tracey's fence. I heard a shriek and went outside to see smoke pouring from the fence at the back of Tracey's shed while Chris was frantically attempting to put out the flames with the hose. Luckily the damage wasn't anywhere near as bad as Juliet's conflagration.
Tell me about the kind of disasters you've experienced with barbecues?


jane armstead said...

I was having a problem lighting my barbecue and did not have any lighter fuel. My next door neighbour poured turps on it which worked. The problem was our glasses of wine were on the shelf underneath the barbecue and when I picked mine up for a slurp I found I had a mouthful of wine laced with turps! I guess you should never trust a tipsy neighbour to light your barbecue.

Nell Dixon said...

Eek, Jane what a waste of good wine lol.