Tuesday, November 10, 2009

GCSE angst

The eldest belle is sitting her english GCSE early this week and one of her maths papers. I can't get my head around this system of doing stuff in bits at all different times. Keep your fingers crossed for her and for me. We've one more college to see this week too. This is the fall back position - the one the kids tend to put down if they don't get their first choice. It'll be interesting to compare with the other two.


Phillipa said...

Mega good luck to her. This is just the start - and you've got three times the fun to come. P x

Michelle Styles said...

Oh hugs. It is hard but you want to get hte right course.
A level is a huge step up. Also look around and see which higher education establishment the schools are in partnership with. This can mean a grade difference in university offers.
For example, our local high schools are in partnership with Newcastle and a friend of my eldest only had to get a B amd 2 Cs to study classics rather than the published ABB

Julie Day said...

Wish her all the best from me. I remember, just about, what it was like to sit exams, I hated it. Never again.