Saturday, December 05, 2009

Jungle fever

Well, Captain Bertorelli won I'm a celebrity get me out of here and so my TV viewing draws to a halt. I'm just glad that ghastly monster with the oversized boobs and ego didn't win - no not Katie Price - Kim Woodburn! Gino was definitely for me and the belles the outright champion from early on although we did love George.
Yesterday I had my first day off sick in two years. I still feel pretty rubbish today, my ears and sinuses feel blocked and I have an irritating cough. My gloom was lifted slightly by news of the sale of The Cinderella Substitute to an audio book company. It's a little start up venture I think but they seem professional and I didn't plan on doing anything else with the story so if it goes well I may offer them some of my other out of print novellas as they seem to be looking for sweeter stories.
I'm also trying to think of a venue for a book launch for Crystal Clear in Jan/Feb time. So if anyone has any good ideas let me know!

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