Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dear Radio 2

I've tried, really I have. I've made allowances - he's new I thought, he'll get better. Maybe he'll calm down when the excitement wanes. I tried to be positive, I'm a big fan of Moira Stuart. But I can't take it - I've switched my early morning allegance to another channel. It was bad enough losing Sir Terry, but I also lost my ten minutes of calm with the delightfully dippy Sarah Kennedy. So to be exposed to Chris Evans still in full manic drivetime mode at 7.20 am is just more than I can stand. I hate the posh little kids talking about their first fencing lesson or having a fwend to tea, I miss the Terry's calm voice of reason and worst of all the music is crap. I mean seriously crap. I loved Chris in the Drivetime slot - I liked hearing him as I drove home but undercaffinated, in the dark and the fog stuck in the traffic at the buttcrack of dawn he makes me want to kill someone.
Please save me, bring in Johnny Walker or at least improve the playlist before I succomb to the darkside and stick with commercial radio and fail to turn back for Steve Wright in the afternoon.


Phillipa said...

Sorry Nell, you know I love you and I love Terry but Sarah Kennedy and Jonny Walker make me feel like I've acquired a bed pan and catheter overnight!!!

I lile Chris Evans, he's fun ...and as for Steve Wright. YUK!!! His cheesy crappy music makes me switch off AND the best words I ever hear are 'Steve Wright is on holiday!"


Nell Dixon said...

I love Chris on an afternoon when I'm awake and had coffee. But I need calm on a morning and music I can sing to. And rather sadly, I love cheesy Steve and the factoids.

Kate Hardy said...

Nell, you sound like I did in the dark days when Mike Reid ruined Classic FM's breakfast show. Having a jingle that screams "Wakey, wakey" (almost like the one Stewpot used to do - remember that?) made me turn off Classic FM until he was replaced. Talk about inappropriate.

Simon Bates is a huge improvement, because the show's about the music, not his ego. And he plays lots of Beethoven. Bliss.

Other than that, I listen to my local Beeb station. The presenters are just lovely.

Shirley Wells said...

I couldn't even stand Chris Evans in the afternoon on the drivetime slot - way too manic - so I've given up on the morning prog. I adore Johnny Walker, I loved Sir Terry and I like Steve Wright too. Have to say I'm not keen on Sarah Kennedy - a bit 'too' dippy perhaps.