Monday, January 04, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Outside today everything looks like a scene from Narnia. The trees are all bare and pinched white against a sky which shades from bright blue at the top to a pearlescent white at the bottom. The grass is covered in dry silvery powder and everything has that dusting of frost so beloved of film set designers.
It's an inset day and my work at home writing day so I'm happy not to have to go anywhere in particular especially if like yesterday my council don't bother to grit the roads. The black ice yesterday on the main Himley Road was shocking and not a trace of grit.
I'm hoping to get my decorations down later so I can return the house to it's usual chaos and remove the indoor dust which is giving the inside of the house the same wintry effect as the outside. Why does that happen over Christmas? You spend ages cleaning before everything gets put out and the house is worse still when you take it all down?

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