Friday, January 01, 2010

Ring in the New!

A new decade, fingers crossed for good things for everyone. This year will see the official release of Crystal Clear in a few days time although Amazon have it already! The Cinderellla Substitute will come out as an audio book in April, Just look at Me Now - when I finish it - will be out in August. I'm working on Me, You and Him, my single title project which I'm very excited about and I have a few other things in the pipeline which hopefully will come to fruition this year too.
I plan to continue focusing on my healthy living plan this year - I went down two sizes last year and if I could do the same again in this next twelve months that would be terrific. Plus, it can only help my mobility. It's a big year for my eldest belle as she's in her GCSE year and hoping to move to a college place in September - results and applications permitting. She's also due to have surgery on her toes in the summer. My middle belle will be going into year nine in September and will have to look at her option choices then. It's also Mr Nell and Mines 25th wedding anniversary in May. We're one of those couples that met at school, engaged at 18, married at 21 and everyone said it wouldn't last. Well, so far I haven't killed him and he hasn't killed me and we plan to go to Jersey to celebrate for a few days in May.
So, lots of excitement for this year.
For the decade itself - who knows? The last decade saw me achieve my dream of being published, I was the winner of a major award with my second book and met my lovely agents. I signed for Little Black Dress and learned so much about myself, my writing, my strengths and weaknesses. Fingers crossed that this incredible journey continues and grows over the next ten years.


Phillipa said...

It's been a great year for you Nell - here's to an even better 2010!

Sara Hantz said...

Happy New Year, and may it bring everything and more that you wish for!!!

Amanda Ashby said...

Happy New Year Nell!!!!! I know you will achieve everything you've sent your sights on because that's just what you do!!!1 Btw, I love the cover for Crystal Clear - it is seriously gorgeous!!!!!

Michelle Styles said...

Happy New Year.

Glad focussing on dress sizes works for you. May you continued to go down.

And may all your projects work!!!

Nell Dixon said...

Happy New Year to you all too and I hope it brings you all a load of wonderful things.

Pat Posner said...

Happy New year to all of you, Nell.

Hope we'll see you during 2010


Nell Dixon said...

Pat, there is a good chance this year that we may head up your way! We've been looking at touring sites and one may be close enough for us to come see you!!!

Christina Phillips said...

Happy New Year Nell (a bit late, but what else is new, lol!)

And yay for your upcoming 25th anniversary! I met my dh when I was only 15 and we're still together now - seems like only a few years!!