Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Writing up a storm

My fingers ache. I am not a quick typist - nor am I a touch typist. My word count is however creeping higher. I've four and a quarter chapters left to go now roughly to complete my first draft of Just Look at Me Now. It will as usual be about 10k short of the finished book, but by the time it's sat and I've edited, polished, rewritten and made it good with my aditing process it'll be fine. At least I hope it will be fine. Sigh, I can never judge my own work and I haven't written a book this length in third person before - so that's pretty scary.
Thank you to everyone who is buying Crystal Clear. Amazon got some stock in and then it went again but they should get some more very quickly and there is always book depository, etc. If anyone spots it in a book shop anywhere on a shelf please let me know! Better still send me a pic - I might even give prizes of my fabby new purple Nell Dixon pens.

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Amanda Ashby said...

Nell - yay that Crystal Clear is out and doing so well!!!!!!!! I can't wait to it (and I sooooo love the cover!!!!)