Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Well, I'm back from my holiday. Lovely weather and beautiful scenary. The hottest day was good Friday, which we spent at the beach at Charmouth. La and Boo spent most of the day in the sea.
I had one of my premonition dreams while I was away. I 'saw' a letter from M&B asking for revisions on Charlie. 2 minor ones and 2 more major ones and a request to email the changes back asap. Nothing in the post yet though.
I did get an email from the cover art dept at Samhain though and I've seen a preview of the cover for Marrying Max (the e book) It looks gorgeous. While I was away we went to Dawlish yesterday afternoon. On the green there were a number of stalls selling things to raise money for charity. One of them had a copy of Marrying Max (the People's Friend version) Somehow I ended up signing the copy and leaving them with some of my bookmark cards. I hope they'll raise lots of extra money with it. We certainly drew more people to the stall.
I'll post more about the trip and try and get some photo's on here for the next few days.


Lis said...

Wb! Sounds like a lovely vacation :)
Crossing my fingers for good news on Charlie!

Jessica Raymond said...

So glad you had a great time and that the weather held up :) Hope your dream about Charlie is right! And I love the Max/raffle story -- how cool is that?!

Jess x