Saturday, April 21, 2007

Life and Lemon Meringue

I met Allison Littlehales and Phillipa Ashley for lunch today at the tea rooms. It's always a pleasure to meet up and we really should try and do it more often. As usual we talked non stop about writing, books, and our current projects. I have a lovely good luck card from Phillipa with a picture of Jane Austen's house on it and she and Allison have managed to calm my nerves a little about Friday.
I still don't know if Dave will be able to come with me to the Savoy. He's just started a new job (today) and his manager won't be in till Monday. They've had all the dates for our holidays and things but until he sees them he doesn't know if he can get the time off. This is not helping so the lemon meringue assisted beautifully today in calming my angst. I'm trying not to think how many points it is on the weightwatcher thing. I lost three pounds on Thursday and I'd love to lose another two by the Savoy date as this would mean I'd lost a stone.


Phillipa said...

Nell - I had a lovely time yesterday. Bacon sandwich is my treat of choice... hope Dave can make the Savoy and if not, your posse awaits.

Sara Thacker said...

I hope the Lemon Meringue doesn't set you back too far. Have fun in Savoy.

Sahndre said...

Hi Nell. Congratulations. I am a weightwatchers leader. I would say it was proably around 6 points depending on how big it was. I hope you enjoyed it.

Enjoy your night at the Savoy.

Take care