Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Confuse and look

The marvels of the NHS under labour. The Choose and book system, except there is no choice and they cancel the booking and just send you an appointment anyway. Today Boo should have seen a paediatrician for one of her ongoing medical issues (the joys of being prem) Except her appointment, the one it took four phonecalls and twenty minutes on line to book, was cancelled at the last minute. It took thirty minutes on hold to various departments to try and rearrange it - they failed. They then had to make two calls back to me in order to rebook it.
I finished my first round of edits for Samhain, so now I have to wait for second round edits. Edits are also due anytime from Moonlit. I caught up on some of my other admin stuff for my publishers, now just the new author spotlight to post on my blog and a new contest to sort out.
I'm writing my new med partial and Blue Remembered Heels.
Still panicking over the Savoy. At least all this is helping to distract me.

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