Saturday, April 14, 2007

Spring fever

Or in my case, tree pollen. I'm dosed to the eyeballs with antihisitimines and have lost my voice. The girls think this is hilarious as it means I can't nag at them. Michelle emailed methis morning to say my blog post was up at eharlequin, look whose blogging RNA thread. It served to remind me that the Savoy is less than two weeks away now - eek!
I'd put a pound on when I went to weight watchers this week after the holiday but I swear it's all the crap in my nostrils from the trees.
I spent yesterday at work cleaning out cupboards. It was a bit like cleaning out the attic of an eccentric great aunt. Dusty, spidery and full of mysterious objects that no-one knew who they belonged to, how they'd got there or what they were for.
The officeswap is virtually complete, and to be honest, I really don't see that it was worth it for anyone. The other team are still cramped. We have to keep going to another room to get our equipment all the time, the nurses are disgruntled because we booted out their stuff to make room for ours and the cleaners seem to have cornered the market in yellow bags. The main hall is full now of rubbish that needs to be tipped and the gents loo is full of stuff to be sent to store or redistributed.
I have no nails as I broke them cleaning so combined with my red eyes, stuffy nose, croaky voice and general fluffiness I'm going to be the pictre of glamour at the Savoy.


Lis said...

*hugs* hope the pollen goes away soon and you're feeling better. Didn't realize your trip to the Savoy was so close! Wow!

Jessica Raymond said...

*HUGS* on the hay fever -- I hadn't realized the pollen count was up.

Gosh, the Savoy really is just two weeks away now, isn't it? It sounds pretty soon but that gives you lots of time to regrow those nails :)

Jess x