Thursday, April 19, 2007

It's getting closer...

The Savoy date is looming closer. Today I'm guestblogging with Jessica Hart at If you visit here regularly you'll know that when I grow up I want to be Jessica Hart or Jenny Crusie so you can guess how excited I am.We're talking about contemporary heroes and we'd love some thoughts over there.
Yesterday I had another post over at the eharlequin, look who's blogging RNA thread about the preparations for the big day.
Tonight is weightwatchers - I'm hoping for a weightloss, preferably more than the pound I acquired during my holidays, then later I'm practising walking in my Savoy shoes. This is harder than it sounds. I haven't worn heels since I had my eldest daughter so I've lost the knack from my pre-baby catwalk days. I don't have much luck with shoes, in fact, if I could have plastic surgery anywhere on my body it would be my feet. Unlike the rest of me they are long and skinny. They are also pointy-shaped. Now you can get long shoes, you can get wide shoes, you can get long wide shoes. You can't get long skinny shoes with pointy toes.
My Savoy shoes need an insole to take up some width but they are very cute turquoise suede with a button over strap and skinny heels. Very lovely - but I look like an elephant on eggshells at the moment - more practise is dafinitely called for.


liz fenwick said...

You will be gorgeous on the day regardless of high healed shoe will be glowing because you are wonderful and you are nominated...head held high and glowing is how I see in mind mind and how I will see in a week :-)

ps good luck at the weigh in!

Sara Thacker said...

Shoes and I don't always get along. My husband doesn't understand when I wear high heals I can't run.

Judy Jarvie said...

Don't sweat about the shoes Nel - you'll look and feel sensational. Because you deserve to. jx
P.S. Will they forever after be known as your Savoy Shoes? Sounds dead posh and glam.