Friday, June 22, 2007

Downs and ups

I learned today that I'd clearly made it as a romance writer - yes, it's finally happened, I was reviewed by Mrs Giggles. As I don't write the kind of stories she enjoys I was surprised she'd bought a copy of Marrying Max and much less surprised that she didn't enjoy it.
Oh well, such is life. Now if I find my books on an e book pirate site that will be the topmost accolade.
On the up side I visited Romance Junkie's readers for my daily visit and found my cover of Marrying Max up on their front page. Whoo hoo! I was so surprised and excited.
It's still very, very wet here and many of the country lanes I have to travel as part of my work would be impassible if I didn't have Baby. The garden is very green and jungley at the moment with water dripping off my Magnolia and the wisteria. It gives quite a tropical effect.


Bron said...

Nell, that's not actually too bad a score for Ms Giggles, particularly for a subgenre of romance that she's not that in to. And you beat her score for Loretta Chase and Julia London :-)

Mrs Giggles is only one voice, and while she's blunt in her opinion about her responses, readers know it's only her opinion, and that she has definite likes and dislikes. I enjoy reading mrs Giggles, but I suspect that most readers know to take her with a (very large) grain of salt.

So, go and look at your Romance Prize again. That says a whole lot more than Mrs Giggles does.

Diane Craver said...

I never am influenced by Mrs. Giggles. She has completely different reading tastes than I do. I'm looking forward to reading your book.