Saturday, June 16, 2007

Talk to the hand!

It's been that kind of week. I won't bore you with my work woes but just when it seems there's a chink of light in one direction there's a dark pit in the other. I feel as if I'm swimming against a tide. It would be lovely to just tread water for a while but I know if I stop fighting I'll drown.

The weather has been fun here too talking of drowning. Did anyone see the pics of the tornado on the news? That was five miles away from me. Luckily I'd left my temp base and gone back to my other clinic before the storm broke or I might not have made it home. As it was the journey was horrific, lights out, phones dead and two feet of water in places. Thankfully my trusty car, Baby, is a 4X4.

I'm looking forward to the RNA conference in a few weeks time. It will be so lovely to meet up with old friends, make new ones and take part in some great workshops. I have a pitch session booked too with the editor for Little Black Dress - eek! Better write some more of Blue Remembered Heels!


Michelle Styles said...

Hooray that you are doing a ptich session. Just remember to breathe and that it is a chance to explore other books/find out more about the line and where your style might fit.
I think you will be brilliant btw.
My fingers are tightly crossed for you as you know.

Kate Hardy said...

Blimey, that's a close call. (Though as a writer you will no doubt have stored details for future plot points...)

Good for you re the pitch session!

Grace Tyler said...

Good luck on the pitch! Way to go!

Phillipa said...

Good luck Nell - no use asking me anything btw as we discussed. Just Be You.