Monday, June 04, 2007

In search of Mr. Darcy - part two

Monday's weather was still mixed so we decided to leave Tenby for another day and went to Pembroke instead. Pembroke castle had the knights of Longshanks there wearing armour and staging fights. The sun came out and we had a lovely day.

Then our quest resumed - were the rumours true? We headed to Tenby in the beautiful sunshine to find out.

(Photo's from The Western Telegraph) The house seen above was apparantly used for some interior shots for the film and the other pic is of Cillian Murphy on set. We roamed around Tenby on our search but couldn't find the filming or any proof re: The Colin Firth rumour. There were people who'd seen Sienna Miller and Keira Knightly though.

The males in our party were not very fussed about looking for either of those two ladies and when we couldn't find Colin the females kind of lost interest too, and we abandoned the quest. So, is Colin Firth in the film? I really don't know but it was fun looking for him.


Christina Phillips said...

We re-watched the BBC P&P series over the weekend and I fell in love with Colin all over again! Whoa but that man is fine!

Nell Dixon said...

I agree, I'm a huge fan so got really excited when we heard he had a small part in the film but we couldn't find anything out except hearsay. Gutting - it would have made my hols to have seen him.