Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Yay! Be My Hero is at 19! My lovely editor i.m'd me last night while I was brainstorming with Lis to tell me. She also said The Cinderella Substitute had re-entered at 103 - wow! Cinderella got to 13 first time around so that's amazing.
Lots of meetings and audits this week - sigh. Hoping to get more writing done. I'm 21k into Blue Remembered Heels now so thats good. No other news to report on Charlie. Marrying Max is out next week as an e book - very excited about that. Remember you have till the 18th if you haven't entered Mine and Jessica Raymond's contest for A Taste of Summer yet. Drop by our websites and enter.
With Jessica and Judy's babies imminent I'm waiting on baby news as well as book news!

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