Sunday, June 24, 2007

The infinite nature of time

It never fails to amaze me how elastic time can be. Waiting for an answer on Charlie time seems slow, dragging. I look at my word count for Blue Remembered Heels and all the work I've done in that same period, 21k written, major edits, galley proofs, three books to promote and time has hurtled past me at a scary speed.
Only four weeks until school breaks up for the summer and then once the holidays are over Christmas planning will begin with hardly time to draw breath in between.
Sometimes I wish I could stop the clock, hold the hour for just that beat longer. My children are growing up so quickly. In September my eldest begins her options year, my middle daughter enters her final year at primary school and my baby will be year five.
Where did that time go?

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Kate Hardy said...

Nell, I'm with you on the scariness of time. September sees my littlest in her last year at infant school and my eldest in his last year at middle school. I don't even want to think about September 08. In the blink of an eye they'll be at college. And it only seems like yesterday they were tiny babies, sleeping happily in my arms.

Hope the rain stops and that you and yours stay safe.