Sunday, September 02, 2007

Normal service is resumed.

I'm home, with a mountain of washing to do. We've had such a wonderful break, lots of sun, swimming and just lazing around. Well, I say lazing, we did spend one day walking the nature trails around Becky Falls on Dartmoor. Climbing and boulder scrambling so I guess that wasn't very lazy.
Jess has been brilliant and critiqued all my chapters and I'm busy editing and rewriting to make my story stronger. I'm now just 4k short of my original target with seven chapters to polish so looking good to finish in the next few days.
I appologise to anyone who emailed me while I was away. I promise I'll reply. I had some net access while I was gone but it was limited when it came to responding to anyone. The only place I could access the net was the bar - mmm, maybe that wasn't such a disadvantage - but I had to work using the battery and it kept booting me.
I'll be back later with some pictures and details of where we went.

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