Tuesday, March 18, 2008


finished rereading the proofs for Blue Remembered Heels. I spent today at my new job getting to know my jobshare partner and attempting to put faces to names. I'm so looking forward to starting as we've lots of plans that we want to work on. I've lots to learn but lots of things that I can offer too.
I've more running around to do tomorrow and then I can pack for our holiday. I plan to finally finish the first draft of Animal Instincts while we're away. I've been doing lots of thinking about what I need to add so it's looking good. I've a new Jessica Hart, Olivia Gates new medical and Katie Ffordes Going Dutch sitting in my tbr pile to take with me - Bliss!
I'm hoping to fit in another by request craft post before I go as I have some outstanding questions to answer.

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Phillipa said...

Good luck with yoru new job, Nell and have a lovely easter holiday. Maybe we'll bump into each other!

P x