Saturday, March 29, 2008


I'm back from my holiday but minus my laptop.This means I'm typing on my old slow one with the letters missing. My laptop is looking terminally ill. The computer man is looking at it but he didn't sound hopeful, so if my posts become a bit sporadic thats why. It also means that I know there were people who emailed me before I left that I don't have addresses for. If you were one of those people and I haven't replied to you please resend - Juliet? I think you may be one.
It also meant I didn't get the writing done that I'd planned while I was away. Luckily I had up to date back ups on my flash stick so I'm hoping that I haven't lost anything.
So if anyone has recomendations for a new laptop please let me know - or if anyone is using PC Worlds business scheme and has any info that would be helpful too.


Lauren Murphy said...

You poor thing. *hugs* I know what it feels like to have to work with a sucky computer. I hope you find a new one soon!

Lis said...

Oh no, *hugs* on the computer. Hopefully its salvageable? If not, you should be able to hit some of the spring sales. I've had good luck with my hp laptop.

liz fenwick said...

Welcome back and comiserations on the lap top.... I love my toshiba

Phillipa said...

Oh. Sorry about the laptop. WE've all got Dell laptops and they seem fine so far.

Jessica Raymond said...


When my old laptop got dropped and died I got a replacement through my home and contents insurance. It's a Samsung with Vista and I really like it. Otherwise I have heard that Dells are good.

Jess x