Saturday, March 01, 2008

I don't believe it

I had a Victor Meldrew moment on Thursday when I discovered some unlovely soul had managed to scrape the back corner of Rosie, my little auto car, while it was parked outside the clinic. Naturally they didn't bother to tell me about it so you can imagine how thrilled I was.
Mr Nell has managed to put the panel back on and take most of the scrape out with T Cut. Sigh.

BTW I haven't forgotten the by request segments on craft and I know Janet has asked some more questions. I promise I'll get to thse this week and if anyone else wants to ask something then ask away.



Janet said...

"Ask away"

I love it when you talk about craft

I've always got questions on craft, so maybe I'll get another couple in since you don't have any replies yet. :)

Question 1)I'm amazed by the number of good story ideas you come up with. Do they arrive fully formed or do you spend a lot of time developing them before you start writing?

Question 2)Do you get lots and lots of ideas but discard a lot too, and keep only the best?

Question 3)Any tips for getting the ideas to flow? I can always come up with initial story ideas that I really like, then I struggle to develop them past chapter 4. (I like to have the external plot outline worked out before I begin.)

Janet said...

Hey, Nell,
If you think you had a bad day with your car, this lady's bad day was much worse. (See her hilarious Feb 29th blog.)

(And if you liked Miss Snark then you'll want to bookmark the above blog in your favourites ;)