Sunday, March 16, 2008

One more

One more performance of Alice in Never Never land to go for the belles. Then I have the joy of washing and sorting al the ostumes and finding somewhere to store them. This weekend I've sorted out a victorian maids outfit for La for school on Tuesday. I've got two smartie tubes to fill with coins for the PTA, and I'm about to boil eggs so they can decorate them for the easter contest.
We go away Thursday night - all being well - down to Devon (Or it could be up to Devon, I have no idea which way round you're supposed to say these things.) I've done my first read through of the proofs for Blue Remembered Heels, now to tackle the second read and mark up the blips I found.
It was really eerie reading it again after being so immersed in Animal Instincts. I'd been worried that Abbey and Clodagh might be too similar and realised they are nothing alike at all - phew! I also read it thinking wow - did I really write this? - I know I'm biased but I really love this book, I'm hoping everyone else will love it too.

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