Saturday, April 12, 2008

And the word is good

My word/office prog that is. Now all I need is the data from my disk and my email glitch to be sorted and normal service will be restored. I'm not certain when exactly as i've a busy week this week. I'm going to Cardiff on Wednesday for work purposes and that will take a huge chunk out of the week mainly because Great Western Trains schedule doesn't exactly match mine. I hate changing trains - I have this paranoia that I'll miss the change slot or get on the wrong train.
In my normal life Boo has a netball tournament this morning and it finishes at exactly the same time that I need to collect Shaggy from ballet. Naturally the two places are twelve miles apart - mmm, looks like I'll be late or early for one of them.
The start of the new term has also bought a fresh round of money demands from the schools. So Far it's £30 for a trip to LLandudno for Boo and La, £12 for the science museum for Shaggy and £25 installment for her weeks residential art course in July. £38 for guitar lessons for La and then there are guide fees and brownie fees for the term.
Sigh - I'd better hurry and write faster, I need more money.

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Lis said...

Glad your office program is good to go :o) Fingers crossed the trip to Cardiff goes smoothly!