Monday, April 14, 2008


I finally managed to sit down to write some more of Animal Instincts today. I finished off a couple of crits that I'd had for a while and sent them off and mailed a package to Lis. I caught up with my lovely editor at Moonlit Romance and with one of my best friends.
With any luck I should get a nice chunk of Animal Instincts done tomorrow as I have the house to myself - sheer heaven. I am quite a sociable person but only if I get chunks of time when there is just me, by myself, alone.
Mr Nell took me to look at some show homes today. We aren't thinking of moving, we were just curious. I hate this new trend for three storey houses. No land with them and tons of stairs everytime you want a cup of coffee. Hideously expensive too and I don't know who had done the interior design but it was a migraine inducing mess of turquoise and aqua patterns. I'll stick with my shabby and faded look instead. Very interesting for book research though.

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liz fenwick said...

wtg on the progress - intersting their choice of colours....