Monday, April 28, 2008

Pinball wizard

I've written myself to a standstill but I can actually see the finishing post now. It's no longer a distant glint on the horizon, instead it lures me ever forward, the ticker tape stretched in front of me. All I have to negotiate is the terrible trap of discovering that my new computer came with a deadly procrastination device.
Next to bingo - Pinball is my great weakness. Must resist temptation and finish this last 5000 or so words. Must not give in to the siren call of the bumpers and flipper bars, wormholes and hyperdrive.


Janet said...

I hadn't heard of Pinball. When I checked my computer it was there! So now I'm giving it a try. It looks fun

Lis said...

I'd like to thank you for reminding me of pinball. :o)

Grace Tyler said...

Thanks for that earworm! Funny song.

Hurry up and finish the book, so I can read it!

Don't make this old bat angry.

Nell said...

Looks like I've lured more writers into procratinating.