Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Laptop RIP

Well, the verdict is in. My lovely HP laptop is officially dead at only fifteen months of age. The computer man has managed to put all my data onto a disk ready for when I have a new computer to load the info onto. In the meantime I have to struggle on with my ancient Compaq.
Thankfully my wip was all up to date on my flash drive and I've been beavering away trying to get Animal Instincts finished. I'd hoped to have it done while I was away but it wasn't to be. I have about four chapters or so and a whole load of layering to add in. It's going to be a longer book than Blue Remembered heels, probably a similar length to Things To Do.
Tomorrow is my first official day at the new job. I'm so excited, there is tons of work to be done but it's such a wonderful project with such a lot of variety that I can't wait. I feel a bit like the new girl at school, as it's silly things like not knowing where the stationary is or how to work the copier or who to pay the coffee money to that will take me a while to get used to.


Amanda Ashby said...

Boo about your laptop. Mine never seem to have a long life either (though I'm whispering that so my current one doesn't get any ideas!)

Enjoy the new job!!!

Jessica Raymond said...

Oh no, poor laptop... Was it still within warranty? That's a shockingly young age for it to fly off to laptop heaven!

SO pleased for you about the new job and I hope you have a FABULOUS day tomorrow :)

Ray-Anne said...

Hugs on the laptop.
Hugs and cheers on the first day - hope it was not too scary. I'm sure you had everything organised to your personal satisfaction within the first half hour!
First day of the rest of your life!

LOL Courage ma brave, courage. :-)

Lis said...

So sad to hear about the laptop. :(

Hope the first day went well

liz fenwick said...

Condolances on the laptop. Hope the first days went well.