Sunday, April 20, 2008

Swirling in the mists

By strange coincidence the weather today has mirrored the scenes I've been writing in Animal Instincts. Swirling mists, drizzle and low cloud. I may just finish this draft this week - yay! It always takes time finding any loose ends and tying them all together. There are lots of clues and trails in the plot, foreshadowing of events that are all coming to a head along with Clodagh and Jack's feeling for each other.
I also have Immi and Marcus to sort out too.
I'm longing to get going on my bigger book again and I have a great story for another Little Black dress if I get the chance of another contract. Lots of fun research to do on it but a cool story. The heroine is clamouring in my head to tell it - sure sign that Animal Instincts is almost done.


Michelle Styles said...

Umm yes, I would imagine that you will get the chance of another contract.It tends to work that way.
So get this done, and start to out line the next LBD as well as working on the BIGGER book.
Michelle S, eyeing whip.

Devon Ellington said...

And when those characters start talking, you have to listen. Because they either don't shut up, or they go away.

Best of luck.

Nell said...

That's so true, Devon.