Monday, April 19, 2010

Getting organised-ish

Today is a desk day. Trying to get an EH1C card for middle belle for her school trip this summer. Apparently this means we all have to be on it even though the rest of us aren't going. It also requires us knowing our NHS numbers -sigh. These were filed all together except mine for some reason but anyway they are now all lost together except mine and mine apparently is no good as it's an old number and everyone was given sparkly new ones eight years ago. Now I have to wait for the NHS to send us all new ones which the nice man has offered to do.
I've chased up several receipts for the close of the 09-10 tax year ready to tackle the forms in the summer and have started my file and receipt book for the new tax year. This makes me feel very organised and efficient although will still mean I get a severe headache in the summer when I try to go through all my info to complete the forms. I just need my tax forms from the day job and Mr Nell's job and I'll have all my paperwork ready.
Next up is my subscribers newsletter for my readers for this quarter and I need to send out press releases for a workshop in May which I'm giving with Phillipa Ashley and Elizabeth Hanbury as part of adult education week. (May 15th 2 til 4 Wombourne Library - setting the scene - how research makes your writing stronger. Also may be useful for english GCSE students looking at persuasive language)
I might even get some writing done then after all that.

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