Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Viva Espania

Hot on the Blue heels of the Indonesian version of Blue Remembered heels I found out yesterday that there will be a Spanish version too - out in just a few weeks. Sigh, the downside to this is that they may be putting a picture of me somewhere on the cover and as you know there is not a proper authorly picture of me in existence. mr Nell thinks this is quite funny and keeps quoting lines from 'Romancing the Stone' where the romance novelist Joan Wilder get's recognised.
Someone tell him he's not funny.


The English Writer said...

Lol! They just don't understand! But I'm sure it will be fine and that you'll get that photograph sorted v soon, good luck, and great news about the Spanish version, Karen.

Michelle Styles said...

Oh but I like Romancing the Stone! It would be such fun to have a The Joan Wilder moment!

With photos, it is all in the eyes. Think of the camera as an old and very dear friend whom you are delighted to see. If you lean your head forward slightly, your neck looks longer and thinner.
Try to smirk, rather than smile.