Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What a day!

Today has been a little trying to say the least. I got to the day job to find the fire/burglar alarm ringing. No break in but the alarm is busted and won't turn off. Finally got the ringing to cease to an annoying buzz. Discovered there is no contract on the alarm - it's an annex building and got overlooked when the main contract was negotiated. Spend time with garden manager trying to locate original company and local companies for quote to come out and fix/new install and for an annual contract. Plumbers arrive to install new and expensive outdoor sinks - unwrap pallet to discover one very expensive sink isn't there. Discover someone had signed delivery note to say it was there. Finally sort out with manufacturors to find it was their error and expensive custom made outdoor sink is still in factory and won't be out till next week. Switch on work computer - outlook is broken - can't access email.
Start work on very complicated and urgent document involving much cutting, pasting and swearing. 2 hours later, almost done word crashes on computer and computer refuses to restart. Spend thirty minutes coaxing computer back to life and rescuing document. By this time it's not even lunch time and I'm ready to go home.
My afternnon didn't improve much as even more stuff happened although my jobshare partner and I found a nice plate of mac and cheese at Savacentre followed by eating our own bodyweight in malteasers in the afternoon helped a little.
Now I'm home and waiting for the wine to chill and my pizza to arrive. I've earned it today!


Ms Menozzi said...

Awww, hon... Sorry to hear you had such a rough day! I hope the pizza and wine helped soothe you a bit.

Hang in there - maybe tomorrow will be better? ;)

Julie Day said...

You certainly did deserve those chocs and wine. I know the feeling well when computers crash and you can't do much. We had that last week when all I could do was filing, and there's only so much you can feel like doing in one day. Hope all is better today for you.