Friday, April 30, 2010

Off to the Channel Islands

Well, we're off to catch the plane early tomorrow so we should be in Jersy by lunchtime - volcanos and fog permitting. I don't think the weather forecast is very brill but then again it is a bank holiday so..
Moments panic when Mr Nell couldn't find the paper bit of his drivers licence but luckily it's turned up. He doesn't like my driving - sometimes I don't like my driving but I'm worse if he's with me as he drives for me and he's a fiddler - he will keep playing with the heating, the radio, the windows argh.
I'm looking forward to revisiting some of our favourite places, Gorey and Corbiere and even if it piddles down I don't care - the hotel has a jacuzzi and a bar. I can stock up on reading materials and be perfectly content.
So, be good while I'm gone and why not visit HERE while I'm away and listen to a snippet of The Cinderella Substitute.


Anonymous said...

Have fun! I'd tell you not to do anything I wouldn't do, but then I'd have to make you a list ;)

Judy Jarvie said...

Have a glorious time. I love those hols when the weather doesn't matter, feels really indulgent. So indulge and relish, you both deserve it. jx