Thursday, June 24, 2010

Big Day

Today is eldest Belle's prom day. Her nails are all done and looking shiny and this afternoon I've got to take her and her tiara for her hair appointment. In my day we had a leavers disco and if you were lucky you bought new jeans and a top from Etams or Dotty P's. Personally I think we probably had more fun. Lets face it, you can't really sit on the floor and do 'Oops upside your head' in an evening frock.
The upside is that they all get to feel posh for a night - I have several teenagers and their assorted families arriving later today to take pictures of them with the limo and once we've waved them all off I'm laying on drinks and nibbles for the adults. So, in between cleaning - more cleaning (teenagers - mine - are untidy) I need to shop, get her to the hairdressers, do her make-up and lace her into her frock.Then get the shopping and put on the food. Wish me luck!
PS Did I mention Me, You and Him is still expanding - argh - must finish the book!


Jane Lovering said...

My son just stung me for £150 for a Pierre Cardin suit for his prom on Monday! I've told him he's got to wear it for every event for the next 10 years to justify the expense. (But he does look lovely in it). I'm sure your daughter will enjoy her night and look absolutely fabulous (but I've learned from experience you can never pass prom dresses down through the family...)

Shirley Wells said...

I hope everyone involved has a lovely time. Oh, and we'll expect pictures. :)
Yes, I remember the leaving disco. And I remember getting new clothes from Dorothy P's for it. Those were the days, eh?

Judy Jarvie said...

Who could ever surpass oops upside ya head lol.

Personally I blame proms on High School Musical...

But I do hope the belle and the families have a super super time. Oh to be young again! jx