Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ghost hunting

Those of you who know me well are aware that I'm what the Celts call fey. I have predictive dreams and I have the ability (sometimes, on a good day with the wind in the right direction) to tune into things as an empath. For me this means being able to feel vibrations from buildings and sense things that others don't always find.
Last night afriend kindly allowed me to accompany him and two mediums to a privately owned cottage where the owner had been experiencing some strange events which are very much like the ones in my story Me, You and Him. I was very keen to talk to the house owner to ensure that my details were correct and also to see what happened when psychics did this kind of visit. I wanted to see how they picked things up and what they did.
Wow, the house was built in the seventeen eighties and as soon as you walked in there was something, the feeling got worse when we went through to the kitchen and for me it felt bad on the stairs. The owner had experienced strange noises, her daughter felt as if she was being watched, she'd had mist materialise in her lounge and all of her electrical equipment would behave oddly. The house had had frequent tenants with noone wanting to stay.
I was very interested to watch the two mediums go through their stuff. They shared some of their thoughts with the house owner and did some cleansing activities and reiki. My friend told them about my empathic abilities so they invited me to see if I could get anything.
Double wow - I felt the vibrations in the bad place on the stairs and while the house owner was outside in the gardentold the two mediums that I had heard/seen the phrase 'there should be a door on there to keep them in there place'. I assumed this referred to the foot of the stairs which was open from the kitchen and which probably had been closed off before the house had been extended and altered.
An hour or so later when the house owner came in and we were chatting generally about all kinds of things and not even about the house she mentioned her daughters temper.
She laughed and described how her daughter would fly at her from the foot of the stairs when she was having a tantrum and joked 'I think she'd hurdle a barrier if there was one there'.
The others just looked at me and told her what I'd said - spooky!!!


Laura Hamby said...

Romance author and ghost hunter. Impressive resume, Nell. :D Sounds interesting.

Kimberly Menozzi said...

Wow. I'm copying this to show it to my brother tomorrow or Saturday. He'll flip! Fascinating stuff, Nell! :)

liz fenwick said...

fascinating stuff!


Julie Cohen said...

Wow. That is amazing.

Will any of it go into the book?