Friday, June 11, 2010

Magician's Book

This is a meme from Michelle Styles and since I love any opportunity to talk about books especially books which captured me when I was young then how could I resist?

Name at least one book that you read as a child (ie 11 or under) that still exists in your memory as a perfect story. You can say why if you wish, or simply give a list -- your choice. It can be a story that you are now uncomfortable about having loved or were uncomfortable at some point and have now come back to or alternatively just one that you have always loved:

1. Catseye - Andre Norton. This opened up a whole world to me. The story of a boy with the telepathic ability to communicate with animals and his strange world triggered my imagination and led me to The Witch World series. Books I still love reading even today.
2. Little Women - This is still one of my comfort reads - even now it still makes me cry when I read about Beth and oh how I longed to be Jo.
3. Enid Blyton - I read all of them but the ones I loved best were the Adventure series about four children and a parrot.
4.Drina Ballerina - Jean Estoril - I loved ballet books and the story of this girls battle to become a prima ballerina spanned over eleven titles and gripped my imagination.
5. Just William - Richmal Crompton - wonderful hilarious books that I absolutely adored. The forerunner of Horrid Henry. Who can forget Violet Elizabeth Bott? 'I'll scream and scream until I'm sick, and I can you know.'
I could go on and on, my list would cover The Chalet school series, Ruby Ferguson's Jill the Pony books, Jean Plaidy, Agatha Christie, Folklore, Myths and Magic and tons more.

I'm tagging Julie Day and Phillipa Ashley to do this too. I'd love to see what books you loved.


Michelle Styles said...

Oh I am going to have to read Andre Norton as the Editorial Ass was going on about Elfsbane as her Magician's Book.

But what great choices!

I know there are tons and tons. Reading children of the world unite!

Thank you so much for doing this!!!

Kate Hardy said...

Gerat choices, Nell - and with you all the way on Ruby Ferguson!

Julie Day said...

Can I put my choice here? If I can then I will have to say the books that I remember most as a child were Enid Blyton's Famous Five and the Malory Towers books. I enjoyed Famous Five for the adventures they had and the mystery being solved, and Malory Towers I liked the idea of having midnight feasts at school with others. I will put this on my blog later this week.