Monday, June 07, 2010


My hip and back are just about recovering from Saturday. I can sit now without feeling like someone has stuck several sharp blades in my lower spine and my limp has almost gone too. My mind keeps whirring about on the ending for me, You and him and although the words aren't flowing onto the page yet at the right speed I'm starting to get a feel for the right framework so hopefully if I can carve out the space to just sit and write then I can get on and finish the draft.
The mammoth annual house declutter and clean is still underway and I'm busy trying to get bits and pieces of that done as I go along. If you came in my lounge though you wouldn't think I'd even started. Every corner is piled high with textbooks, shoes, and general teenage bits and bobs that can't go upstairs until the belle's bedrooms are decluttered and tidied. It has to be done by June 24th however as that's the prom day and several teenagers and their families are coming over to get dressed and ready and to start the party from here. So, I need to write a book, clean the house, fulfil my critting commitments and do all the day job stuff as well as prepare a workshop and help eldest belle revise for GCSE's. Easy-peasy.

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Phillipa said...

Hope you're feeling better - and hope to meet up soon too. P x