Friday, April 08, 2011

Almost forgot

in the midst of my packing, trying to persuade the belles they really don't need a dozen pairs of shoes each, I have a book coming out. Dangerous to Know releases on Tuesday from Astraea Press If you could all just talk about it amongst yourselves or even buy a copy to keep a starving authors teenagers in shoes then that would be most appreciated.
To whet your appetites - here's a taster:

Jerome’s deep rumble of laughter at her answer caused a couple of people’s heads to turn in their direction.
“Touché!” He grinned. “So I don’t frighten you?”
“Like I said, maybe it’s you who should be scared of me.” She hoped the pulse she could feel fluttering wildly in her throat wasn’t visible.
His eyes twinkled. “And why should I be scared of you, Gemma?”
“Well, let me see. You’re a well-known bachelor of this parish and here am I, a dumped and desperate spinster.” Although her words were in jest, she couldn’t help but feel bitter towards her former boyfriend.
“You are much too lovely to ever be desperate.” His eyes locked onto hers and his lips brushed her mouth, warm and soft against hers, stealing her breath away. “And your ex-boyfriend was a fool to let you go.”
Startled, her words stuck at the back of her throat. “See, I could be luring you into my web.”
“Step into my parlour said the spider to the fly?” His lips were still only a few inches from her own and the sound blew soft on her face.
“Something like that,” she agreed. Gemma couldn’t believe the words coming out of her mouth. She had never flirted like this with a man before and every nerve in her body told her that with Jerome, she was playing with fire.
He stroked a finger down her cheek and she shivered.
“What if the fly were to ask the spider out tomorrow?”
“I don’t know if that would be a good idea.” Oh boy, she was in much too deep. In fact, she was more than in deep - she was probably drowning and with no hope of a life belt.
“I see.” He moved a little away from her and the tops of her arms chilled.
“I, um…” She tried to think of a good reason why she shouldn’t go out with him.
“If you tell me you need to stay in and wash your hair, I won’t believe you.” The corner of his mouth quirked and she knew he had called her bluff.
(C) Nell Dixon 2011


Kiru Taye said...

You certainly got me with that excerpt. Will have to get a copy. Well done, Nell.

Shirley Wells said...

Congratulations and happy release day for Tuesday. Loved the excerpt.