Thursday, April 21, 2011

A huge big thank you

to everyone who has emailed, facebook messaged, twittered, myspaced and called me about the sale of Renovation, Renovation, Renovation to Myrmidon. I'm so very lucky to have so many lovely, generous and supportive friends.
Here's a little snippet of what the story is all about:-

After helping her live-in partner, former boy-band singer turned property developer, Steve Ricardo, renovate thirteen houses in seven years, Kate Michaels has had enough. When Steve impulsively purchases house number fourteen – the rambling and run-down Elizabethan Myrtle cottage – by using all their capital without consulting her, it’s the last straw. Kate had been expecting a romantic proposal and an engagement ring, not another renovation project. This time, as far as she’s concerned, the relationship is finished.
The only snag being that, with all their money tied up in Myrtle cottage and the property market on the skids, Kate has no choice but to stay in the house with Steve until the renovations are complete and the house is sold. Kate already dislikes the cottage, but when she starts to hear footsteps, snatches of conversations and music which is definitely of another era it really sets her nerves jangling. Wasps' nests, spiders and mice are one thing; ghosts are something else completely.


Jan Jones said...

So pleased for you, Nell!

Cara Cooper said...

Fabulous news Nell, I'm really delighted for you. The blurb for your book sounds great, and knowing you it'll be loads of fun. It's a lovely idea. Good luck with it.

liz fenwick said...

Love the sounds of this...and congrats again.

Julie Day said...

Just saw your news on the Book Trade newsletter. Congratulations Nell, so well deserved.