Monday, April 04, 2011

Errands to run

Monday is my desk and errand day. It's when I sort out 'stuff'. It's amazing how 'stuff' builds up and multiplies in a week, kind of like dustbunnies under the bed or hangers in a wardrobe. I also turned over my calendar and realised I'm off to the seaside at the weekend - yay! I love being by the sea especially early and late season when there are just a few people around. I always feel inspired to write and read when I'm there. Fingers crossed we get a few sunny days, my middle belle has already found her metal detector ready for the beaches.
What settings inspire you? Are you a seaside person or more lakes and mountains? or perhaps you like to travel to foreign countries?


Kimberly Menozzi said...

Ohh... Nice question!

The settings which inspire me are just everyday scenes, really. I like to people-watch wherever I am, and that generally gets me going. However, I am definitely more a mountains and lakes sort of person, as opposed to the seaside. Although, like you, I enjoy the off-season by the sea. When I lived in Florida, I preferred going to the beach in the winter, especially when it was cold and windy. I'm not a sunbather in any way, so that was wonderful for me. The cold grey sea is very moving for me.

I still hope to travel to more foreign countries, although I have a lot left of Italy to explore. LOL! I really, really want to go to Belgium and France, if only in the interests of research. ;)

liz fenwick said...

always been the seaside for me :-)

Bluestocking Mum said...

Definitely countryside. I'm lucky enough to live in a very rural location. it's very inspiring. Although the novel I'm working on is very working class/urban - Sheffield steelworks and council estate!

warm wishes

Talli Roland said...

Hm... I'm most inspired by my street. I love sitting at my desk and just staring out at all the wild and crazy people.