Saturday, April 30, 2011

Reading and Kindle

Some of you probably know that Mr Nell and the belles bought me a Kindle for my Christmas/Birthday present. I was so excited, I'd wanted one for ages. I already read some e books when I had a laptop and it's prefect for when we go away in our touring caravan and Mr Nell makes grumpy noises about my cupboard being full of books instead of clothes.
What I hadn't forseen was how much I would love it. So far this year I've read 34 books, all but five have been on my Kindle. I read more widely now, YA, Christian romance, erotica, mystery, crime, sweet romance. I'm so there. Free books have been a great way for me to try new publishers, new authors, new genres. I've rediscovered old favourites - if Harlequin ever put the whole of Betty Neels backlist into e book format I'll be bankrupt. I've found new autobuy authors - Lorena McCourtney - the Invisible Ivy series is the Stephanie Plum of pensioners - with a dash of the God squad - brilliant. Books I've adored - Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes - a fabulous YA book and some which I've thought - what on earth??? Happily those have been very much in the minority.
I've loved being able to buy old favourites and have them with me wherever I go - I'm never without something to read.
I knew I would enjoy having a Kindle, I just hadn't expected to love it quite this much. How many of you have a Kindle, Nook or e reader? And are you loving it as much as me? Which new authors, genres or books have you found?

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