Friday, April 01, 2011

Guest Blogger - Meet Joselyn Vaughn

Please welcome my guest blogger for this week, one of my fellow Astraea authors, Joselyn Vaughn.

Joselyn, please introduce yourself to everyone;
I live in the Great Lakes State with my adoring husband, three energetic and ambitious toddlers, and two of the laziest beagles. I believe there is nothing better than a warm hug, a good romance novel and chocolate. When not changing diapers or removing a toddler from a precarious situation, I enjoy sewing, running, shopping at thrift stores and reading books longer than thirty pages. I have two other published books: CEOs Don't Cry and Courting Sparks.

Sucker for a Hotrod is a very unusual title, what's the story about?
Bryce Halloway only dates a woman once. No exceptions.
It gives him the reputation of a heart-breaker, but he can handle that as long as it keeps his mother, Dinah, from trying to marry him off. Judi Montgomery and her tempting ponytail finagle their way around official dates with car problems and driving lessons. She worms her way into his heart and entices him to want more from his life.
When health issues cause his father to retire, Bryce inherits the family-owned tractor repair shop. Can Judi’s love and encouragement give him the courage to break tradition and pursue his dreams of owning a custom hot rod shop?

Tell us more about the book, it sounds great, why did you choose to write this book?

The story started out about a car that couldn’t be fixed and then it evolved. Bryce’s story changed so much as I work. I thought he would be a cocky guy who thought he could fix anything and then I found out he wasn’t working on cars and he didn’t like where he was working. The story became much more about him than I thought it would be when I started.

What authors do you like to read?

W.S. Gager. Tanya Eby, JQ Rose, Jillian Grant, Julia Quinn, Meg Cabot, and many more. It’s so hard to remember all the authors I like.

Do you write to music or silence?

Does the Bob the Builder theme song count at music? I’m sure it isn’t silence. The kids are watching Dora right now. It’s my first experience with Dora and unfortunately I don’t think it will be my last. I find I get the most fiction writing done when there’s silence.

Do you have any more books planned?

I’m working on one focusing on the owner of the bed and breakfast in my first book. It’s been a lot of fun as well as a challenge. Minnie is in her seventies and has a lot more history behind her actions than other heroines I’ve worked with. She’s also the feistiest.

If you could take two fictional characters from any book out to dinner, who would you take and why?

Oh I don’t know. I think the main character from Meg Cabot’s Queen of Babble series would be fascinating. I would really like to know how she transformed the Scottish wedding dress. Maybe she’d have pictures. My sister does clothing alterations and has done some really cool transformations, like a men’s sweatshirt into a women’s dress. I think it’s fascinating. I’d like to hear more about this character’s work. And number two? This is so hard. How about Gilbert Blythe from the Anne of Avonlea series? He’s just so cute.

Thanks Joselyn for coming along to chat about your book, Sucker for a Hotrod sounds like a really fun read. It's available now for Nook or Kindle on all the usual sites plus Astraea Press


Joselyn Vaughn said...

Thanks so much for having me!

Nell Dixon said...

My pleasure!