Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Blog links.

I'm working on updating my links as you may have noticed. So if you visit me regularly and have a blog, give me your link and I'll add you if I've missed you off. I'm also going to be adding some more website links on my website. If you want your website on there and it isn't there already then email me at helen@nelldixon.com
Much as I love my friends that write the really hot stuff, I can't add you to my website but if you blog and visit me then I can add you to the blog links. (My daughters visit my website and I know my eldest belle has showed my site to her R.E teacher)
I'm back working on Dangerous to Know. Hopefully I'll complete the partial by the start of next week. Then I intend to reread and polish Charlie Darling.
BTW Did I mention Fall in Love is out soon from http://www.moonlitromance.com ?

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Amanda Ashby said...

Thanks for the add, Nell!!!!