Saturday, September 09, 2006

Highs and Lows

Charlie Darling is finished! Yay, I just typed The End and sent the last chapter to Jessica. I'm about 1k under the word count but when I edit and polish and layer in some more emotion and description in a few places that'll soon work itself out. I'm just so happy it's done. If M&B do want it I can have it ready quite quickly and if they don't it'll be winging it's way to other places.
The low part of this means I can't put off the dreaded tax returns any longer. Be prepared for much moaning and gnashing of teeth as I try to navigate the forms once again. Hopefully I'll be able to afford an accountant by next year. I'd hoped it would be this year but it wasn't to be so the inland revenue will have to try to make sense of my wonderful math skills once more.


Lis said...

Congratulations on finishing Charlie Darling!! Wonderful news :)
And best of luck with the tax returns

Michelle Styles said...

Congrats on finishing.

Fingers very firmly crossed.
By being 1 k below do you mean 49k or 44k. They will take them as low as 45k, you know...if the story meets requirements.

Nell Dixon said...

I'm at 49k Michelle, but I know I need to ad some tweaks on the polish. I'm just letting it sit for a dew days then I'll go through from the start.

Jessica Raymond said...

Hurrah! Am just starting work on your chapter :) I have to do my tax return for the first time this year :/

Phillipa said...

Congrats on finishing Charlie Darling. You are amazing, Nell. Goodluck with your publishers, whomever they turn out to be. (Sorry - am rubbish at grammar):)

Emma_Sanders said...

Congratulations on THE END! :)