Saturday, September 02, 2006

Time to mingle and an excerpt

I'll let my belles, La, Boo and Shaggy show you all around. Here's a small taster from Things to Do. This bit really gives a big clue to Emma, the heroines, personality. Posted by Picasa


Nell Dixon said...

Here's the snip!
Things to Do -

Working in a travel agency isn’t really my thing; the problem is I don’t know quite what is. I never had a career plan. I had been one of those kids at school who, when asked what they wanted to be when they grew up, scuffed the ground with their toe and muttered, “I dunno.” I’d fancied a job as an international spy but my careers master hadn’t been keen.
And I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I’d like a job that pays oodles of money and allows me to stay home all day eating chocolate and watching TV, but there aren’t many of those about and I don’t think I’ll find them in the jobs section of the Guardian, not even in the “creative” section.

Phillipa said...


I LOVE your heroine's name...

Nell Dixon said...

Thanks, Pip! I got a review yesterday from Enchanted Ramblings for The Cinderella Substitute (available now from htp://
I got five wands which is fabulous:
The reviewer said -
Ms. Dixon has written a sweet romance that will warm your heart. The characters are loveable and so cute together you will smile through the book. There is the perfect amount of suspense to keep you reading, and the twist with her birth mother was a surprise.

More champagne I think!

Nell Dixon said...

Here's some more, this is later at the charity auction when Emma discovers exactly who has won the bid for Rob's dream date.
“It’s been a very pleassshant evening,” he slurred. “Thank you so much for your kind invocation, Emma.”
Mr. G must have enjoyed a little too much champagne. And where the hell had Rob gone? I hoped he hadn’t run off with his date and forgotten me. God, I needed to pee.
“I wonder if you and Rob might be good enough to give me a lift home…? I think I may be a touch over the limit.” Greenback swayed sideways and, catching hold of his elbow, I propped him up against a pillar before he fell over.
“Psst, Emma!” I heard someone hiss. Thank heaven it was Rob and at last we could go home. He peered round the edge of the cloakroom door, almost as if he didn’t want to be seen.
“What are you doing?” I said. “Come on, I want to go home!”
“Has she gone?”
“Has who gone?”
Mr. G started to slide down the pillar so I pulled him back upright again. “Will you stop pratting about and take me home!”
“Only if you’re sure she’s gone,” he said.
It wasn’t like Rob to avoid Fiona.
“There’s no-one here except me and Mr. G,” I told him. “Now, please take me home before my bladder bursts and my feet catch fire.”
Rob emerged from the cloakroom and after a quick look around, came over to us.
“Who were you hiding from?” I asked. “Fiona?”
Rob looked at me as if I’d gone mad. “No. It’s Gilly, the date from hell.”
“Tell me on the way home,” I said, trying to steer him toward the door.

Anna Lucia said...

Congrats on the review and the release, Nell!

Phillipa said...

Nell - I'm not au fait with e-books. Can I get a print copy of your book to read or do I need to download? Congrats on your review by the way... and love the line about the careers master. :)

Nell Dixon said...

Hi Anna!
Pip's asked a good question. The print version of Things to Do is scheduled for release towards the end of November. Buying and reading e books is a snip. Go to the Samhain site and click on a button labelled my bookstore and more. Regiter yourself as a account -(really easy and qyick and you don't get spammed) Click on the cover of Things to Do a bargain at $4.95 (rofl) then choose your format I have adobe - it works on most things add it to your cart and checkout, payment is by credit card or paypal. Then you'll get an email with a link you fillow that to pick up your book and sut and read at your leisure. It really does just take seconds and you'll get hooked.

Julie Cohen said...

You know, I have several students who have exactly the same career plan as your heroine.

Jessica Raymond said...

LOL, Julie! Yay, Nell, you posted the excerpt with inebriated Mr G -- he's so funny :)

bamabelle said...

Great excerpts! I love your sense of humor!

Lis said...

Love the excerpts :o)

jennybrat said...

Sounds good.

Meg Allison said...

(GGG) I really love your heroine!