Saturday, September 23, 2006

Coffee and writing

As most of you know I am a coffee addict. I don't have blood in my veins, just neat caffeine instead. So today I got to combine my coffee addiction with meeting up with Allison Littlehales for one of our irregular get togethers. It's always wonderful to talk about writing with another writer and we spent a happy few hours eating, drinking and talking.
Last night I got to talk to my lovely Moonlit editor, Laura, on i.m and somehow I seem to have sold her an idea for a project that Jessica Raymond and I had been planning together. So then I had to call Jessica and break the news that I'd roped her in for writing a duet with me for a summer beach read book.
I think once she'd recovered from the shock that she took it quite well.
Fall in Love is now available in print!!! Yay!

My first release from By Grace will be out in October. Called From Darkness, it's a duet with Sheila Holloway and features a welsh castle, a ghost and lots of bumps in the night.


Jessica Raymond said...

There was some shock, I will admit that! Really looking forward to it though :)

Nell Dixon said...

ggg, it's going to be great!Besides isn't there something YOU want to tell everyone????

Anonymous said...

Jeeze, can you sprinkle some of that magic dust my way? *g* lol
Congrats ladies :o)

Jessica Raymond said...

LOL -- yes, there is, but I had no energy to go into it all at 11.30pm last night on my blog! Am posting later :) And thanks, Lis!