Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sale stories

The only thing that feels as good as selling a book yourself is when someone you know sells theirs. Huge congratulations to Michelle Willingham who sold her hunky irish warrior book to Mills and Boon historicals yesterday. I've followed Michelle's epic struggle towards publication through subcare at eharlequin and vicariously through my other hopefully, soon to be published historical writer friend Allison Littlehales.
Michelle's story is a testimony to hard work and courage. She's holding a celebration over at her blog, go over and congratulate her.


Michelle said...

Thank you so much, Nell!! I really do appreciate the warm wishes. :)

And I'm rooting for Allison, too! I love her books!

Cathie said...

Hi Nell! I came to see your site and saw that you were sharing the joys of Michelle's sale, so I did go and see the celebration there!

Too glad to visit here for the first time as well!

Nell Dixon said...

You're welcome, Michelle. Cathie, great to see you here!

Allison Littlehales said...

I'm late as usual, but thank you Nell!

See you next weekend!


Milady Insanity said...

Hi Nell!

Thanks for commenting on my RTB post!

It's such a wonderful feeling when somebody sells, even if you don't really know them, isn't it? :)

Phillipa said...


Thanks for the post as I din't know about Michelle. Good luck to Allison too!