Thursday, October 12, 2006


I have amazing friends. One particular group of friends are the Bat's from eharlequin's Bat cave. These are the most amazing and talented group of people. I count myself very lucky to have them amongst my friends.
I was stuck earlier tonight trying to figure out how I could get a copy of Things to Do printed, bound and in the hands of the Samhain author co-ordinating the arc's for Romantic Times by Oct 27th.
Thanks to the bats I think I have the solution.
Today hasn't been a great day workwise, I have some clients with major problems and my job gets more untenable every day. I don't even know if health visiting will still exist in a years time it's that bad. The proposals for the new structures came out today, all chiefs and no indians. I think everyone except me will have the word 'director' somewhere on their badge by Christmas. I worry about my clients and my babies when the service is being cut even further. Tomorrow is yet another meeting, I figure I might be unemployed by summer.


Anonymous said...

Ouch. It's terrible when you love what you are doing and someone undermines it. Take refuge in your writing when it gets too much. Hang in there.


Allison Littlehales said...

Big Hug! Its sucks. It sucks because you saw it comming. It sucks because its happening.

But you know? Someone told me coffee and cake is an excellent remedy for problems at work.

Olga said...

Nell, lots of hugs on the job. I hope it will get better, not worse.

Jessica Raymond said...

(((HUGS))) Your clients must feel privileged to have such a dedicated health visitor working with them. I very much hope that your seniors realize that in the very near future too xxx

Anonymous said...

*hugs* I second Olga, hope things get better soon

Phillipa said...

Nell - belated but heartfelt hugs from me. It was lovely to meet you on Saturday. I loved September Song - hope your writing gives you comfort and I am sure you are much needed by your clients and colleagues.