Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Still no news on Charlie Darling but I've pretty well done polishing, at least for the moment. I'm working on Dangerous to Know as Laura said just to write it and send it to her - yay! I've scribbled down the opening scene for my beach read which has the tentative title Love on The Rocks. My plan is to finish Dangerous to Know and Love on the Rocks by Christmas. Then in the new year I can carry on with Places to Go.
This is the plan - but you know how good I am at getting side-tracked.
This Saturday I'm meeting Jessica at the book launch of another friend's book in Lichfield.
Phillipa Ashley's Decent Exposure is out now from Little Black Dress, so we're planning to help her celebrate!

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Pip said...

See you there Nell - and I agree, Bryan is cool. Saw him last year at the NEc and he was brilliant.