Thursday, October 19, 2006

Shoe success

I took my Mother-in-law out tonight to a shoe party at my Mom's chapel. It was in aid of McMillan nurses so it was for a good cause. By some miracle I won the door prize, I never usually win things, ever. So my middle belle, Boo, will be taking some very cute and expensive slippers to camp with her this weekend.
I also heard from Laura, my Moonlit editor on the partial for Dangerous to Know and I need to get that finished up as she really loved it. Yay!!!!! I had a big surprise when I came home and discovered I was the featured author over at the Moonlit blog. The blurb is up for my January release, Be My Hero. This was the book that made me cry when I wrote it. Nathalie has to make some hard decisions and her happy ever after has a bitter-sweet edge.
Here's the blurb.

Nathalie Mayer is thirty-four. On the surface she is an attractive, happy, single, successful woman running her own bridal business. Despite her line of work and her obvious delight in other people’s weddings, including that of her twin brother, Nate. Nathalie has always declared that a settled relationship is not for her. There has only ever been one man whom Nathalie felt she could love.
Evan Davies is back in town after a six year absence. Last time he was here, he and Nathalie had tentatively begun to take their friendship to a different level. Now he’s home again and has the reason for his sudden departure from six years ago with him - his daughter, Polly.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on winning the door prize and being the featured author! Very cool :o)

Like the blurb for the new book. Sounds good!