Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I can't believe it will be half-term on Friday. After that the pre-Christmas madness will descend on everyone. I hope to use my Flylady planner, like last year where you follow Fly Lady's steps to 'cruise' through the holidays. I've used it the last two years and it works brilliantly for me. I intend to simplify my gift giving this year as I haven't any free time for shopping, plus I'm finding mentoring a colleague, teaching a student nurse, running my own caseload and absorbing another half-time caseload rather tiring.
The belles have dance exams coming up soon too, My eldest is en pointe for ballet for the first time.
If anyone has good gift ideas for people who have everything they want please feel free to share, I could use some inspiration.


Michelle said...

If you find a way to simplify your holiday prep/gift giving pass it on please! LOL Another friend and I decided this year that we would try to not step foot in any actual store. We are buying everything we can online or through home parties.

Anonymous said...

good luck on cruising through the holidays :) I have to start my xmas shopping soon eeks

Julie Cohen said...