Tuesday, December 26, 2006


How was your Christmas?
I'm back at work tomorrow and my house looks like Santa stampeded through it. The belles loved the gifts the guy in the red suit left for them. My prezzies were pretty good too. My dh has bought me a new laptop. This one is worn out, there are no letters left on the keys, the battery won't hold any charge, the hinge on the lid doesn't latch properly and the screen fritzes out every now and again. He bought me this older one just under three years ago for my fortieth birthday saying he was investing in my writing career.
He says this new one is to help me sell to M&B and get on the NYT bestseller list - (with or without talking parrots).
Jessica gave me some yummy chocs and the M&B Christmas annual - which I'd been looking to buy but hadn't seen anywhere.
My friends gave me Bailey's, books and white wine. The belle's gave me socks and cute stuff. My parents and in-laws gave me money toward my RNA fee's and towards my website upkeep.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a very lovely Christmas :o) Had a very quiet Christmas, got some new books and dvds I'd been looking for. Got to talk to my aunt on my dad's side on Christmas Eve and a couple of my great aunts and uncles today which was fun since I don't think I've ever talked to them (least that I remember)

Jessica Raymond said...

LOL at the talking parrots :) Sounds like you did well! Thanks for the books you gave me: the only ones I got from anybody this year! :O (Apart from "The Best Friend's Guide to Pregnancy".)

Jess x